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Steri-Klenze Disinfection
Schur - PBF Drainage - Chemiteq Working in Partnership to Disinfect: Pipelines –Hospitals - Schools – Buildings – Agricultural

For the application of Oxyl-Pro™ & Sodium Hypochlorite

(Water UK approved system for Potable Water Pipelines)

STERI-KLENZE Disinfection System

Working in Partnership: Schur, Chemiteq & PBF Drainage can offer the following unique services:

  • Certified Application Equipment
  • Certified Applicators
  • Expert Advice on all your Disinfection Requirements
  • Disinfection Suitability


A new generation of food safe stabilised Hydrogen-Peroxide disinfectants.

  • No Chlorine
  • No Silve
  • NSF Certified
OXYL Pro Product

Our systems offer “Misting” application of the disinfectant which ensures full Coverage & Saturation.

Small Scale Hand-held Application – Uses an ultra portable Hand-held Cordless Unit

Large Scale Hand-held Application – Uses our application model SD180 which allows application up to 180m away from the unit c/w with a 150L disinfectant holding tank

For Potable Water Pipelines – Use our application unit, model SD180 which allows application up to 180m between access points c/w with a 150L disinfectant holding tank


Disinfection services

Disinfection services PBF Drainage Services are working closely with, our suppliers and manufacturers during these difficult times.

In light of the current situation with Covid 19 working with SCHUR are now offering a disinfection system to work with a safe product for use in the disinfection process.

The Schur disinfection system was initially designed for pre treating potable water pipelines in preparation for reintroducing them into service. Using specialist spray heads, the system saves 96.6% less water than traditional flooding methods and is 95% faster. This system has now been converted for use in disinfection situations for use with Oxyl-Pro Oxyl-Pro is a food safe stabilised Hydrogen-Peroxide disinfectant. It contains No Chlorine – No Silver and is NSF certified. The product is dispersed via a misting system controlled via a computer aided mixing system. The misting covers large areas and is hand applied via a paint spray gun type of equipment or hand held self contained air gun for smaller areas. Oxyl-Pro has been extensively used in Agricultural settings to prevent the spread of Foot and Mouth and other fast spreading infections. The product has proven efficacy against bacteria, including Legionella & Pseudomonas, viruses, moulds, yeasts & fungi. Test results are available on request.

In a nutshell – it is a disinfectant and decontamination agent based on aseptic grade hydrogen peroxide which is stabilised using only food safe ingredients. Combined, this creates a powerful, all purpose broad spectrum product with an excellent ecological profile; it degrades to oxygen and water. This makes OXYL-PRO one of the safest disinfectants and decontamination agents on the market. It truly is a versatile product which has many applications.

The OXYL-PRO family is the result of many years of research and development to provide the market with an alternative to silver peroxides. OXYL-PRO’s secret is in its encapsulation process, allowing a very controlled method of release, leading to minimal wastage of the product. It does not contain any silver or other heavy metals –only food safe ingredients are used.

Due to its unique formulation, OXYL-PRO is stable and fast acting, resulting in the quick destruction of micro-organisms and biofilms. Unlike silver peroxides, OXYL-PRO is unaffected by high chloride levels. It will not leave any grey marks on surfaces.

The process and products are ideal for disinfecting large or small areas and making them safe for use after an outbreak or bacteria or virus. The product is safe for use in any situations including on fabrics, painted surfaces and flooring. There is no residue left and no staining.

The Process

  • We would inspect the area and clean any bodily contaminates by hand using hand towels soaked and then wrung out in Oxyl-Pro.
  • We would use the hand application spray equipment misting the entire area, making sure that surfaces are treated fully & correctly
  • We would, If required, use the smaller portable equipment to reach areas that could have been missed for example under tables or behind doors.
  • We would then wipe over electrical sockets and power outlets, including computer screens, keyboards and similar items.

The room would then be left to dry for approx. 1 hour for the product to dissipate and dry. Once this has been completed the room or area is then free for use again in the knowledge that the disinfection has been carried out correctly

Because the system is food safe it can be utilised in food preparation areas or areas where this is likely to occur

Large areas can be disinfected quickly and regularly to reduce the likelihood of contamination

Detailed Method statements & Risk assessments will be produced and followed for each project

Applications for the Oxyl-Pro product family

As one of the most versatile disinfectants on the market, Oxyl-Pro has thousands of uses. Below is just a small collection of some of those we have experience with.


  • Hand disinfection
  • Car washing
  • Laundry


  • Biofilm removal from sprinkler systems
  • Disinfection & legionella control in sprinkler systems
  • Public rooms
  • Hard surface disinfection

Hotels, Restaurants & Hospitality

  • Hot & cold water services
  • Drinking water disinfection
  • Disinfection of rooms
  • Equipment, hard surfaces etc
  • Beer line cleaner
  • Kitchen disinfection

Medical, Dentistry & Veterinary

  • Hot & cold water services
  • Drinking water
  • Equipment, hard surfaces etc
  • Equipment Sterilisation
  • Hot & cold water services
  • Disinfection of hard surfaces
  • Operating theatres
  • Isolation wards & cleanrooms
  • Work & cutting boards
  • Room fogging disinfection

Food & Beverage

  • Cleaning of inside of pipework
  • Hard surface cleaning – walls & surfaces
  • Fogging
  • Fruit & vegetable disinfection
  • CIP
  • Bottle washing


  • Removal of biofilm from irrigation systems
  • Water disinfection
  • Air disinfection
  • Oxygenation of compacted soils
  • Surface disinfection
  • Hard surface disinfection
  • Equipment/machinery disinfection

Breweries & Bars

  • Beer line cleaning
  • Hard surface disinfection
  • Equipment disinfection
  • CIP
  • Pasteurisers
  • Tank disinfection/cleaning

Sports Stadia

  • Biofilm removal from sprinkler systems
  • Disinfection & legionella control in sprinkler systems
  • Oxygenation of compacted soils
  • Public rooms
  • Artificial pitch disinfection (2G/3G)
  • Hard surface disinfection


  • Animal drinking water (continuous dosing)
  • Animal feet, teat, pet treatment
  • Egg-hatching disinfection
  • Animal housing, transport and equipment
  • Disinfection of hard surfaces
  • Disinfection of pipeworks
  • Disinfection of drinking water
  • Biofilm removal
  • Hard surface cleaning – walls & surfaces
  • Fogging disinfection


  • No discharge restrictions under MARPOL
  • Biofilm removal from pipework
  • Disinfection of pipeworks
  • Disinfection of drinking water
  • Hard surface cleaning – walls & surfaces
  • Fogging rooms
  • Cruise ship disinfection

Swimming pools

  • Water disinfection
  • Legionella control
  • Disinfection of rooms & associated equipment
  • Hard surface disinfection

Hand Held Application

For Buildings / Agriculture

Smaller Scale Disinfection

  • For use with the OXYL-PRO™ family of Disinfectants only.
  • Easy application using a hand-held cordless application gun
  • Ideal for Buildings / Agriculture
  • Ultra portable
  • Application flow rates from 0.26 L/min to 1 L/min
  • 1 L tank capacity
Hand Held disinfection process

Hand Held Application

For Buildings / Agriculture

Larger Scale Disinfection

OXYL Pro Disinfection
  • For use with the OXYL-PRO™ family of Disinfectants
  • Easy application using a hand-held application gun
  • Ideal for buildings / Agriculture
  • Work up to 180m away for the unit
  • 150L tank capacity for extended application capacity
  • Application flow rates from 1 L/min to 3 L/min
  • Cover large areas quickly and effectively
  • All electric system – no compressor needed

Remote Application

For Pipelines

  • Designed for use with Sodium Hypochlorite Disinfectant
  • For pipes from 32mm to 1000mm diameter
  • Disinfect up to 180m between access points (730m if using our SD750 model)
  • Easy computer controlled fully automatic system
  • All electric system – no compressor needed
  • Designed & developed by Schur & Yorkshire Water over 15 years ago
  • 99.6% water savings*
  • 95% faster*
  • Fully automatic system, PLC controlled
  • Very Environmentally friendly
  • Designed by Schur & Yorkshire water over 15 years ago
*Compared to flooding method
OXYL Pro Disinfection

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