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New Bluelight User

New Bluelight User 2560 1707 PBF Drainage

January 2021 More great news for Bluelight.!

New impregnation system

Due to Brexit and the inherent difficulties we were expecting importing equipment and materials from Germany and Denmark PBF took the decision to start impregnating liners in the UK. Wanting to provide the same high quality materials to our suppliers as they received from Germany, it was decided to purchase a high specification impregnation plant from Krasotech in Germany.

The new system has a capability of impregnating 500m of liner per 8 hour shift with a single operator. The system has a full protocol recording feature that records ever thing including resin temperature, density, roller speed and gap, batch numbers and times enables us to provide a full history to the end user. This means that there is proof of every step from manufacture to installation.

The equipment was ordered in October and started producing impregnated liners in December. Due to the difficulties with travel the system was set up by ourselves and with virtual tuition by Krasotech the plant was up and running in a very short period of time.

Our highly skilled impregnation staff can manually adjust resin quantities according to the clients requirements.

Supporting our clients with everything from pre liner, installation lubricants, spare parts, special resin requirements, calibration hose, we have the full range of stock kept in our warehouse in Northampton.

We are producing pre impregnated liners for all clients and try to ship these next day depending on the time and quantity of the materials ordered. We generally have a supply of pre impregnated liners already to go due to their 3 month shelf life.

With the investment of the new impregnation system running costs have been reduced but quality has stayed high due to the high tech equipment.

Waterways Drainage Specialists Ltd

John Lawler from Waterways carries out multiple smaller diameter liners per week and needed to increase his production levels due to the amount of works that he has. Initially purchasing a single 40m Curing reel John wanted to start out small and build up to the longer larger lengths and sizes.

John and his team have a great reputation in the South West and has been installing ambient and hot cure liners for a number of years. He has seen the Bluelight system advertised on social media and trenchless magazines and was keen to take advantage of the systems reliability. After a number of discussions and looking at the other systems John took the plunge and purchased his first system.

With PBF Drainage new dealer agreement with Krasotech and other supply partners John has also purchased a new Krasotech inversion drum, Keaser M13 compressor and a 5Kva generator. “It just made sense to me to purchase everything from a single source” “James and his team at PBD Drainage know how everything works and can supply us with everything we need all to a high standard. James kept us up to date all the way through the process and also assisted with the finance side of things.”

Another great client we look forward to supporting.

With all the difficulties of 2020 and 2021 we have had a great new start to the year with 2 new Bluelight contractors.

GeeDee Plant with Evan Edwards as managing director.

GeeDee already has a wealth of knowledge installing hot cure liners. Wanting to expand their capabilities within the CIPP market PBF Drainage has been in discussion with Evan for a number of months regarding the Bluelight system, “a number of our clients are based on chemical, and power plants this leaves us with very limited time windows for carrying out work on these sites. We needed a fast, reliable and high quality system that we could use.”

“After investigating a number of other system on the market Bluelight fitted the bill without compromise.” Its ease of use, ongoing support from PBF Drainage and its high quality and reliability we felt confident in the Bluelight lining system.”

GeeDee purchased a 4 reel curing system with capabilities of curing the PAA-F liners in sizes DN70 – DN300 and PAA-G liners from DN200 – DN400 this is the most comprehensive system in the UK and the only DN70 Bluelight curing reel.

GeeDee have already been trained and certified on the system and have already carried out their first project of 200m of varying sizes DN100 – DN225 Allowing a full week for the works to get used to installing using the Bluelight system “in reality this could have been reduced to 3 days, we didn’t want to be under to much pressure with this new curing system”

All the staff on site along with the client were incredibly impressed with how easy and simple the system was.

PBF Drainage look forward to working with Evan and his team from GeeDee Plant for many years to come.


Another happy Bluelight installer.!

Second new system for ARM Pipetek.!!

With the award of new contracts and the success of their first Bluelight system ARM Pipetek decided to purchase this new addition. The 100m reel with large lighthead increases their capabilities. With their current installation levels at approx. 1500m a month this is increasing to approx. 3000m a month as of July 2021. ” John Wilcox project manager say “We have been so impressed with our first system and the reliability has been second to none, there was no doubt in our mind that we would use Bluelight for our second system. The support we receive from PBF Drainage and the fact the guys can call them any time day or night gives us piece of mind that support is always there for them. In reality the system works so well that we never have to call them.”

We would like to welcome ARM Pipetek Ltd to the Bluelight family.

ARM Pipetek are drainage and civils contractors with a wealth of experience in the Ultra Violet light cure CIPP sector.

Working closely with the water authorities in the North of England, new works streams has meant diversifying and requirements meant they needed a reliable, high quality lateral lining system.

PBF Drainage have worked closely with ARM for a number of years and we introduced them to our Bluelight LED light curing system.

Being the UK agents as well as Bluelight contractors we discussed the benefits of this system along with its usability and high productivity. The high quality was a requirement for the water authority, along with the Styrene free resins, long life expectancy and virtual zero risk involved. Proof of curing is provided via the built in protocol information of the system.

ARM Pipetek have been undertaking their training and certification on the system throughout the week installing multiple liners at different locations.


Bluelight LED Curing

Dec. 2019 Keeping PBF Drainage at the forefront of the CIPP industry

Dec. 2019 Keeping PBF Drainage at the forefront of the CIPP industry 1100 619 PBF Drainage

PBF Drainage always prides itself on the use of the latest technology providing environmentally friendly, cost effective solutions to the trenchless industry.

We are the first company in the UK to have purchased the latest in CIPP curing systems. Bluelight is the only truly tried and tested LED light cure system on the market with over 300,000m of live installs. The installation is still done using traditional techniques but with the advantage of being able to cure glass liners as well.

The styrene free Vinylester resins are completely odour free, chemical resistant and heat resistant which are ideal for the use in or around buildings that pose high risk of vapours causing an issue such as schools, homes, and hospitals.

The resins are impregnated into the felt or glass liners in the standard ways but cured using a specialist LED light head that is either pushed or pulled through the liner once it has been inflated and ready for curing.

Curing speeds of up to 1.6m / minute are achievable and because the equipment is so lightweight and portable it is ideal for use where access can be an issue, such as railway locations, inside of buildings and high level installations.

We are now the UK distributor for the equipment so as well as installing the liners we are able to offer full equipment sales and liner support meaning we are truly a one stop shop for the new addition to the UK market.

Jan. 2018 Further investment in mortar spray coating equipment

Jan. 2018 Further investment in mortar spray coating equipment 1123 1319 PBF Drainage

This year has seen our new spray coating equipment arrive into our depot. Training has taken place and our first job with the new equipment has already taken place.

This new equipment will see us at the forefront of mortar coating, and increase our capabilities to include smaller projects or where access is restricted. All the equipment can be mounted into one of our 3.5t vehicles and taken to site. The mixing and pumping equipment can either stay on the vehicle or be taken out and located where vehicles can’t get to.

The equipment consists of a continuous mixer with built in water control, vibrator and is wheel mounted for easy movement whilst on site, a two speed reversible pump, which allows for fast or slow mortar pumping, and backing of pressure to reduce risk to the operator in case of blockage.

We have also purchased a small wet spray lance which allows us access to smaller areas to carry out coating without the risk of rebound affecting the operator.

Sep. 2017 Prokasro Ultra Violet Light Curing Equipment purchased

Sep. 2017 Prokasro Ultra Violet Light Curing Equipment purchased 600 600 PBF Drainage

Further exciting news for our customers.

We have invested in a new portable Ultra Violet Light Cure rig. The system is a single unit mounted in a specially made cable reel with control panels and computer system mounted on top.

The entire system weighs 550kg and has lifting hooks fitted along with heavy duty casters to enable it to be taken to virtually any job site.

We can install fully structural liners from 150mm – 1200mm with this system in lengths of 200m which speeds up the installation process and the curing times for the liners, in turn reducing disruption for our clients and the general public.

The system was purchased direct from Prokasro in Germany who are widely renowned for supplying the best equipment on the market. With the help of Simon Little worldwide sales Prokasro supplied us with everything necessary to carry out installations from the day it was delivered.

Having already installed 1000m or varying sized liners we look forward to continuing our increased services offered to our clients.

Jul. 2017 New Rausch CCTV vehicle arrives

Jul. 2017 New Rausch CCTV vehicle arrives 1600 1200 PBF Drainage

PBF Drainage like the best in life.

We have invested in a new Rausch CCTV vehicle. The camera equipment and reporting computers are all mounted in a medium wheelbase VW Crafter enabling access to smaller sites that other larger camera vans cant get to.

The vehicle is fitted out to an incredibly high standard with full electric lifting hoist for raising and lowering the camera into the chamber, full utility storage draws, wash down pump, night heater and full LED lighting.

The vehicle is equipped with the latest in CCTV equipment and has the ability to survey pipe diameters of 80mm – 3000mm. We can also carry out laser profiling in round pipes up to 1200mm.

The front half of the vehicle is fitted out with full office suite with 3 large screen computer screens for easy viewing and reduced operator fatigue, night heater, drawers and lockers. The entire system runs of internal battery systems which can be charged off the vehicles engine or via generator.

Feb. 2017 – Another first for PBF with the purchase of a pillow packer

Feb. 2017 – Another first for PBF with the purchase of a pillow packer 1980 2330 PBF Drainage

This new type of packer is the first ever in the UK. Designed to install large diameter patch repairs in pipes, this new design allows installation through a standard manhole cover without having increase the size of the access to the pipe. Designed to use traditional materials but install into varying shapes and sizes of pipe diameters.

2 different sizes are available, for 700mm – 900mm and 1050mm – 1200mm. Trials have now been completed and the first installations have already been carried out with great success.

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