Lateral Cutting

We have invested heavily in the use of robotic cutting equipment to enable the re-opening of connections post repairs. Removal of hardened deposits, and can also be used to remove such items as rebar, concrete, pipe bungs and tree roots.

Working within pipe sizes of 75mm – 850mm these robotic cutters are state of the art and enable works to be carried out with out the need for excavation.

Additional attachments can be used to provide UHP water cutters which can be used to remove tree roots, high strength concrete, encrustation and other obstructions.

Concrete within drainage systems is unfortunately becoming an increasing issue where accidental spillages can occur. Concrete removal is difficult due to its strength. More often that not pipe diameter would not allow for man entry works and so other means of removal are required. Ultra High Pressure Water (UHP) is often the fastest method of removal. Working at pressure of up to 20,000psi this precise method of cutting can remove failed liners, tree roots, concrete and other obstacles without damaging the host pipe.

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